Fly Killer Machine in Chennai

Fly Killer Machine

Airmax offer UV Fly Insect Killers, which are perfect for destroy flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, moths and wasps. These are entirely sanitary and have no chemicals, smoke, or sprays. The quiet bugs are composed at the base of the creature killer which can be detached and enables user to deposit the waste hygienically.

We are developed Insect Killers in agreement to set excellence principles which are used for killing flies, mosquitoes, moths and wasps. These are widely used in different offices, hotels, residences and hospitals. We can offer modified solutions as per the detailed difficulty of our esteemed regulars. The Insect Killers consists of a tube luminosity that emits ray in low occurrence. This ray attracts insects and kills them without harming the user. These Insect Killers let loose no injurious gases, chemicals or fumes, therefore surroundings gracious and secure to utilize.


Fly Killer
Airmar-Hygiene is our goal

Fly Killer Machine in Chennai

CRC, Stainless Steel and ABS